Miyoshino Children's Play Centre

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  • Saitama

    on Aug 17

    Countryside hospitality in the middle of nowhere

    The staff at this play centre are by far the friendliest, most welcoming and most helpful I have ever met. The centre itself is old, but it is kept exceptionally clean by a wonderful cleaning lady who is there all the time. There is absolutely nothing of interest around the centre, but plenty for young kids, up to about 4th grade, to enjoy. None of the staff are proficient in Japanese, but they are all willing to try and speak it. 

    On the first floor there is a large hall. Sometimes they put out a trampoline here. There is a wall with eye and co-ordination training activity with flashing lights on touch buttons. They put out push along cars for younger children to use. Behind the offices on this floor they have a study room, which is also used as a playroom. They have baskets of duplo, lego, cars, trains, puzzles and other games and activities. There is a round table in the hall where kids can colour or play with some traditional toys. There is a yard with a basketball net, a flying fox, sand pit, slide and a bouncy ride.  Upstairs there are two pianos, a library room and a room for babies and toddlers. This room has a great selection of toys. It also doubles up as the lunch room. You can bring your lunch and eat it there between noon and 1 pm. Everybody works together to set it up, then to tidy and clean up. They have lots of special events.

    It is open 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Saturday, closed on Sundays. You would need a car to get to this location. The nearest station is Wakaba station and its about a 10 minute drive from there.  There is parking for 10 cars. For special events they allow cars park in the yard. 



150-5 Koya, Sakado, Saitama Prefecture 350-0204

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