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  • helloalissa

    on Jan 29

    Community Center Cafe

    Located on the first floor of the modern community center, Erupia, Yell Cafe is perfect when you have some spare time and need a break. They offer a lunch set menu as well as a cake set, which is what I got. The cake set has three cake options and I chose the double berry pie. There are several beverage options and I ordered the hot coffee, which is hand drip style. The coffee and cake was very good, and service was no problem. The cafe seems less private than most places in that it's located in a strange space between the high ceiling lobby and reception area of the building with the back of the cafe against the atrium. It's roped off but in a really strange shape. This doesn't stop lots of ladies from sitting and chatting with a meal between their lessons. It's the first time I've eaten here, although I often use the community center. Not the best space or atmosphere, but otherwise it was very nice.

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