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Kaldi Coffee Farm



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  • JTsuzuki

    Smallest Kaldi in Sendai

    Kaldi, the national chain of import stores known for coffee and sometimes random selections of goods, has one small shop in the back of the S-PAL Kitchen area in the basement of Sendai Station. It is easily the smallest Kaldi location in Sendai. Fans of the Kaldi brand would find the larger location in the shopping arcade a few blocks away significantly better suited to their needs with more selection and wider aisles. I do not recommend this store location for people with strollers or wheelchairs are the narrow and varying aisle widths can be challenging. 

    Still, you'll find here what you find at most Kaldi locations, including a variety of spices, wines, beer, tea and snacks. Located close to a bathroom, an elevator, and the escalators, this might be a great place to grab a quick bit of home before heading off on your next adventure.


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