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McDonalds, Ario Branch

Avg: 650 yen
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  • Saitama

    Make your own McDonalds

    Price: 650 yen

    This branch is worth a mention, because it is one of the few in this area of Saitama that has the  "Experience McDonalds" service, when you make-your-own-burger. You book a time and children can don a McDonald's kid sized uniform and make and flip their own burgers. It is on at specific times during the week and you can book a spot by going into the restaurant. The experience costs no extra money; you just pay for your meal.

    Apart from this fun experience, this branch is fairly comfortable. It has seating indoor and outdoor on a terrace that has some shelter. Indoors it is well lit and has some natural sunlight. It is also useful that it is beside a large food court so if other members of your group want to get something other than McDonalds they can. You can eat your food in the food court if you prefer. There is a small play area in the food court beside McDonalds. In the restaurant's seating area they have high chairs with belts and detachable trays. It can be quite busy and two of the times we were there they had run out of the popular toy for the happy meal set. There are no toilets in the restaurant, but the food court toilets are near. They have toilets for children as well as a multi purpose toilet with a changing mat.

    It is open 10 am to 9 pm seven days a week. Parking is free and shared with Ario Mall. 


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