不動茶屋 Fudou chaya Tea House

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  • JTsuzuki

    on Nov 11

    Come for the View, Stay for the Mochi

    Like a scene from some great romance, nestled within the forest behind a shrine and aside a wonderful waterfall view sits FudouChaya, a lovely little tea house. The menu is small, as is the space, but the kurumi mochi is not to be missed! With the breathtaking setting of a sweet little cabin in the woods, accompanied by its placement meters from a great photo spot, the little tea house is an unbeatable experience for anyone who wants to enjoy the comforts of non-urban Japan. 

    Access is challenging if you're not a driver or don't have access to a car, though bus tours to Akiu do run out that way. From the parking lot, go through the small farmer's market and turn left into the shrine. Take the paved path around the shrine to the right and down a fairly long but not terribly steep stairway. The view of the waterfall will be on the  left and the clearing with the tea house on the right.

    Come enjoy the complimentary tea by the light of a stained-glass lamp, but try the mochi if you have the chance. Delicious and cozy! 




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