Tokyo Gashapon Street

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  • BlueButterfly

    on Dec 2

    Gasha Gasha at the Tokyo Gashapon Street

    If you are a collector of Anime stuff or you just like all the cute characters you can find at every corner in Japan, you should make a stop at the Tokyo Gashapon Street. You can find it at the underground passage of Tokyo Station. Just at the end of the chracter street, next to the small Pokemon center is a small corner, full of Gashapon mashine. You can really find every kind of character gashapon mashine there. If you are looking for some Anime/Gamestuff like Sailor Moon or the Legend of Zelda or for the smaller generation doraimon and anpanman. You can really find any kind of Gashapon there. But watch out, they are changing the mashine very often. It means that you will not have every day the same Gashapon mashine. If you you are out of coins, there is a chaning mashine and also a nice stuff is always waiting there to help you, if you have trouble with the gashapon mashine. The street is a perfect place if you have some time left, when waiting for your train. Just stop by and get some nice keychains for your bag!



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