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  • Daiuchi

    Beautiful French Restaurant by the Beach

    Price: 6000 yen

    Mikasakaikan is one of the more famous restaurants in the Fujisawa/Tsujido area of Kanagawa. It's a high end French restaurant that pretty much serves meal courses that range from 4000~8000 yen plus depending on the time of day and course. It's very fancy so I don't recommend coming in casual clothes!! But when I went during lunch it was pretty relaxed. Considering it's by the beach the atmosphere is also gorgeous but a bit antiqueish as well. It definitely felt like I wasn't in Japan.

    As far as the food, it was delicious but had very small portions. If you're looking to get full, this isn't the place for you. It's really a place where you can sit down and talk while eating slowly and drinking. If you don't talk and don't drink you'll be waiting for each course menu and feel pretty bored... It's definitely a higher end restaurant and part of a chain of restaurants that are famous throughout Japan. If you're planning to eat here, I recommend making a reservation in advance and coming by car.



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