Tokyo Tower

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  • jinirus

    on Sep 15

    Must Visit!

    The number one thing on my checklist on what to do in Japan was to visit the famous TOKYO TOWER. Some may say, you haven't been to Tokyo if you haven't seen the Tokyo Tower, so I went. From the top you can see the city lights of Tokyo at night and it really is awesome!

  • Tomuu

    on Sep 14

    Classic date spot in Tokyo

    I think what I like best about Tokyo Tower is its location. On one side you've got Zozoji Temple really close by and then on the other, it's a not-too-distant walk to Roppongi. In this way I think Tokyo Tower makes for a good date spot in so far as you can combine it with the temple perhaps before / after a classy dinner in Roppongi. And it's all linear, so there's no need to be back tracking - start at say Daiba or Shibakoen Stations and then finish up at Roppongi, or the other way round. The tower itself, these days, is old skool, in a fun way. Some of the gift / souvenir stores at the base are fun for a bit of window shopping and there's usually a nice bit of hustle and bustle with all the people that come to visit. In my experience though, when there are events held in or around Tokyo Tower, things can get pretty chaotic. Tokyo Tower looks great at night, close up or from a distance (much better than Tokyo Skytree, in my opinion). For an alternative view of the tower you should check out the bar in the Prince Park Tower Hotel in Shiba Park close by.

  • genkidesu

    on Sep 12

    Still Tokyo's premier tower in my opinion!

    When it comes to picking a tower to visit in Tokyo, a lot of people opt for Skytree...it's newer, it's bigger, and that seems to appeal to people more. I have to say though that for me, the soft spot is always with Tokyo Tower - the smaller, older tower that graces the city skyline. There's a few reasons though why it is a better tower to visit than Skytree though - firstly, the admission cost is less (it's only 900 yen for the main observatory!) and one of the other cool things is that there are certain days when you can actually climb the tower on the stairs rather than taking an elevator up. My husband and I did the stair climb and it was very manageable (kids were doing it!) but it was a really fun and unique way of getting to the top, and something we still talk about to this day.

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