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    Lake Hyoko

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    Lake Hyoko lies in the Agano City of Niigata in Suibara. Lake Hyoko is a big lake with 281-hectare reservoir area and in average about 2 metres deep. The reservoir was created long back in 1639 for irrigation purpose during the Edo period of Japanese history. Hyoko lake is a popular tourist destination in winter because the lake hosts thousands of migratory swans that fly into the lake to skip the winter. It is a wonderful spot for winter photography. You can feed the birds and enjoy them play in the lake. Since the lake is totally frozen you will be able to see the big swans walk in the lake. In a fine sunny day, why don't you grab your camera and get ready to take good shots of the winter guests as they open up their wings and exhibit their beauty. And guess what ?? There's no entrance fees !!


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