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  • helloalissa

    on Dec 20

    Kaitenzushi for a great price

    We made plans to go to my husband's favorite sushi restaurant for his birthday – Sushirou! I thought I had never been there before, but it's a chain and I figured out really quickly that I had been to another location years ago. Unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera! (I got exterior shots later but I'll update with more inside photos the next time we go. )

    Sushirou is a kaitenzushi restaurant, has tables and bar seating, all near a conveyor belt. They also have a little screen at all the tables so we can place our orders. English and a couple other languages are available, if you know what you want in English. (The announcement that your dishes are arriving is still in Japanese. )

    I recommend ordering what you want so it's all very freshly made. In a few minutes, the little song plays and you'll hear, “お客様のオーダーはもうすぐ到着します!” Your order will arrive shortly! There is a color label on your monitor, so when you see the trays with that color, you'll know they're your orders ready to take the plates from.

    We were so lucky because my husband's favorite, 大トロ (fatty tuna), was on special for only 100 yen, starting On His Birthday. How did they know? (Usually it's at least 400 yen per piece.) Plus there were a bunch of other specials, and the seasonal options were slightly southern influenced. I immediately wanted to try the エビパクチー (shrimp cilantro), which had some taco sauce on it. Super nontraditional and funny sushi, but reminded me of home. The shrimp avocado was okay, but the tacos flavored Doritos crumbs sprinkled on top made me laugh.

    We ordered about 30 plates... but almost everything was 100 yen, so not too bad (price shown is for two big eaters). Will definitely be going there more than once a year in the future.

    Close to the city hall on several bus lines, paid parking available (first two hours free for customers).



830-0018 Fukuoka-ken, Kurume-shi, Tōrimachi, 1−2

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