88 huit huit Pancake Cafe

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  • Tomuu

    on Oct 10

    Good pancakes, needs a new seating system

    I don't know why this place is called 88 huit huit Pancake Cafe. OK, the pancake bit I get, but the 88 and the need to write it in French, I've no idea.  It's not as if the French continues in the cafe; the decor is very much Hawaii (are pancakes really that famous in Hawaii?).  

    This branch of 88 huit huit Pancake Cafe looks to be one of the few restaurants in the massive Lalaport shopping center on Tokyo Bay that seems to have seats available.  And it does.  However, it maybe doesn't have enough kitchen staff to keep up with orders, so in spite of available seats, you may still have to line up outside for a while before you can get seated.

    The interior is pleasant and spacious.  There's lots of white and pastels, and plenty of references to Hawaii.

    Food wise, I spotted only 4 types of pancakes on the menu.  That's fine though, you don't want to be overwhelmed with choice.  I went with some sort of 'tropical' fruits pancake.  It was nice, and there was plenty of it.  The dish itself was around 1,000 yen.  For an extra 150 yen you can get a drink set, with the usual choice of coffees, teas, and soft drinks.

    Some nice looking (judging from the next table) French toast is also on the menu, as are savoury dishes such as frittata (and there's probably some loco moco on there somewhere).

    Overall, a nice option to possibly get away from some of the madness at Lalaport.  They should try to get people seated a bit quicker, though.

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