Village Vanguard AEON MALL Kofu Showa

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  • hellonihon

    on Apr 10

    Large variety shop for strange goods

    Village Vanguard shops are the best place to find offbeat goods. From obscure book titles to random plushies, you're always going to find something interesting here. What's great about Village Vanguards across the country is that they're all different, too. The store manager is mostly in charge of what they stock, and so they're all a little bit different. This location focused a lot on character goods. While the organization at most locations can be a bit shoddy, the goods here had some semblance of organization. All the Kirby stuff was together within a larger area containing all the video games items; the Shonen Jump series were grouped together near other anime products; even Gremlins had their own spot here. Besides the fandom products, they sold some offbeat foods. In addition to international offerings like Wonka Bars or the newest Korean spicy Samyang noodles, they had strange flavors of ramen and other sacks. They also have a large makeup section with colors you wouldn't normally expect Japanese girls to wear (think, green lipsticks, etc). Overall, this is a great Village Vanguard location with a bunch to see. You could easily spend a few hours wandering from one section to another. And because the shelves are so jam-packed with stuff, you can find yourself glued to one spot trying to explore everything for who knows how long!

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