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  • Tomuu

    on Jun 1

    KitKats that are strictly a luxury treat only

    The basement of Daimaru in Tokyo Station is, quite frankly, one of the most drool-inducing places in the city.  To that effect, the KitKat Chocolatory isn't really able to stand its ground (for me) in the face of so much more inviting food.  Anyway, it's here and if you want so see some luxury KitKats than that's what you can do.  You could even buy some if you were silly enough to part with large amounts of money for what should be the kind of cheap snack parents would chuck into a child's lunch box to take to school.  I feel like we should have gotten past this by now but at last check the KitKat Chocolatory was still there and there are a few others dotted around Japan, I think.

    To be fair, some of the KitKats do look nice and they are packaged in a tasteful way, too.  Still, you can buy 'unusual' KitKats all over Japan's supermarkets and convenience stores for a much cheap price.  They'll do for me, to be honest.

  • KevinC

    on Jul 26

    KitKat Chocolatory in Daimaru Dept., Tokyo

    The B1 floor of department store Daimaru, part of Tokyo Station, is always busy.  Always.  Understandably so, there's so much here to get your teeth into, literally.  This place leaves you drooling there's so much delicious stuff on offer.  Most of it is pricey though, so if your wallet isn't in a good state, don't come here!  It's very hard to leave without spending money.

    The KitKat Chocolatory is an easy one to spot; it's bright red and has a ridiculous chandelier hanging over the counter.  Oh, and there will likely be a load of tourists taking pictures.  A bit like me in this case, I suppose.

    The KitKat Chocolatory is surely a luxury, isn't it?  Back home, KitKats are as common as muck and don't get so much attention.  Anyway, you don't come to this place for normal KitKats.  Why would you?  You can get them anywhere.  No, you come here for the novelty, and to baulk at the prices. 

    The goods here are wrapped up and on display behind sheets of glass like expensive jewellery.  It's all a con, isn't it?  Behind all the show and shine, they're still just KitKats.

    All that said, Japan has become famous for its novelty in regards to this product, so the  KitKat Chocolatory could be a good place to come to pick up some gifts to send home, or as a present for someone when you've pretty much run out of ideas.  

    The store itself, here, is more of a booth really.  There are a couple of counters and displays.  Don't come here expecting to browse at a leisurely pace; there isn't enough here, and you'll be holding other people up.

    At the time of visiting, boxes of 12 pieces were selling for around 5,000 yen, 10 pieces at around 2,000 - 3,000 yen, and some individual fingers for around 3,00 yen.  Admittedly, they do look rather tempting! 

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