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  • hellonihon

    on Mar 14

    Fish and wine bar Hanatare

    Craving seafood and alcohol? Hanatare has got you covered! Located within walking distance from Yokohama Station, it's the perfect place to get a bite to eat with friends or coworkers after a long day. Be sure to make a reservation, especially if you're going with a group. This place gets really crowded during dinnertime, and seating is pretty limited. It's extremely popular with the younger crowd, especially females. Their menu seasonal, and their specials are constantly changing. They print their menu on plain white paper, and the waiter will explain everything with a red pen, circling the recommendations and specials. It's a unique system that I thought added a personal touch to the place. I'm usually skeptical about western-style restaurants in Japan, but the food was really yummy. The dishes came out pretty slowly, but everything was fresh and that's what counts! The portions were pretty good and everything is meant to be shared.