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Esquire エスカイア

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  • JTsuzuki

    Super Cool Clothes, Good People

    Price: 3000 yen

    This is one of the first shops I was introduced to in Sendai. Branching out from a previous specialization in Visual Kei, the shop now carries a variety of interesting t-shirts, jackets, socks and accessories in styles and patterns not so common in this area. Some styles are well known abroad, like the two-tone embroidered members-only style jackets with Japanese designs on the back. Other styles are less broadly enjoyed but can provide a quirky brand of humor, such as the Red Devil brand t-shirts and trucker-style hats.

    The thing that makes this store special, though, has less to do with what's on the shelves than who stocks them. The staff are usually ready to help with anything, even finding a new size in whatever design you're interested in, if they have it in stock. What makes them really special in my eyes is that despite my husband not having the ability to shop at the store in about a decade, the owners recognized him within minutes of our arrival at the shop. They seem to care a lot about their customers.

    Especially on products with embroidery, the prices are not exactly frugal and for good reason-- you're paying for the craftsmanship. If you need a really cool souvenir for someone really special (especially if that someone is male), a lot of the clothing here could do the trick.

    If you instead need something small, fun, and a bit less expensive, the socks are a good bet. 

    Located a short walk from the station in the shopping arcade, Esquire is a cool place to find something special.


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