Seria - Nagamachi Mall Branch

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  • MamaKiyota

    on Oct 28

    Seria, a great 100 yen shop!

    Seria is my favorite of the 100 yen shop chains in Japan. They offer cute and quality goods at a great price. 

    This particular branch of Seria is located on the first floor of the second building of The Mall Nagamachi. The store itself is a little bit small so it can be quite crowded on busy days making navigating it difficult at times. It is also lacking variety compared to other branches. They still offer the same kitchen goods, household goods, organizing tools, bath goods, stationery, craft goods, toys, car goods, gardening tools, and even seasonal items but the variety within each section is a bit small. They don't offer as many color choices of a single item, for example.

    The location is quite convenient though, being inside The Mall, so I often find myself browsing even though other branches are larger. This particular Seria will easily do in a pinch!

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