Suizenji Jojuen

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  • helloalissa

    on Jan 21

    Feeding Koi and Drinking Magical Clean Water

    While visiting Kumamoto, this park seemed like a nice place to visit, and with a name with park in it, we didn't know if entrance was free or not. Turns out it's 400 yen per adult, which might be more worth it during spring, when all the momo and sakura are blooming. During winter it was quite brown, but momo was already becoming full and getting ready to open.

    The park is mostly vendors selling souvenirs and 'esa' or feed for koi and birds in the park, a temple, and a pond. There's plenty of animals to feed, from greedy small seagull looking birds, to ducks and pigeons. Koi were friendly and let me pet them a little while they were eating. There are also some tsuru or grey cranes hanging out by the water and watching for fish, and I saw a couple turtles trying to stay warm on a rock, though there must be tons of them during summer.

    The main attraction at Suizenji Jojuen is the temple, where we can drink clear fresh water and pray for a long life. The water in the surrounding ponds is surprisingly clear for water so many ducks swim in.

    We can also visit the traditional thatched roof Japanese house and enjoy tea and a snack (550-650 yen per person) at the tea house.

    Nice for a walk around, and conveniently located near a streetcar stop and the JR station, Shin Suizenji Jojuen.

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