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Sendai Aoba Castle Ruins

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  • MamaKiyota

    Castle Ruins? Nope, just some lines on the ground!

    Price: 1000 yen

    I was initially excited to be going to see my first Japanese castle but was utterly disappointed to find nothing more than some lines on the ground showing where the castle was. I don't know much about Sendai history so I could be at fault for expecting so much but, since the area is called "castle ruins" I did expect at least some of the structure to be view-able, even if inaccessible. 

    There is a museum which has a lot of information about the castles history but we decided not to go in because it is 700 yen per adult. We instead checked out the gift shop which has a lot of goods that tourists would be interested in. Aside from the main museum, there is a small museum-like building with a model of the castle as it once was. There was no English available but it was still interesting to see.

    On the bright side, entering the castle area doesn't cost anything, just parking costs and that was relatively cheap. It's also a very nice area for a walk if you aren't focused only on the castle. The area is quite scenic overall.


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