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Katsusehara Memorial Park

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  • Saitama

    Near train station with enclosed play area

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    This was one of my favourites when all four of my kids were under six. The main reason is that the playground is enclosed by a colourful fence with heavy gates making it an ideal and safe play area for small children. There isn't a lot in the playground, but just enough for smaller children.

    Equipment in Katsusehara memorial park includes spring rides and a climbing/slide combo piece. There is a sandpit too, which is a big hit. There are sinks beside the sandpit to wash your hands and it also doubles as a drinking fountain with a sprout at the top of the basin. In a separate area of the small park there is a flying fox which is popular with older children. Beside that is a roller slide which is also popular with older children, younger ones too. There is a large open space in the park, which is in the middle of a residential area, which is always in use for football, soccer, throwing ball etc. The park is very well maintained and it is a popular place to picnic. In a few weeks time the cherry blossoms will be in bloom and this park has a few nice ones. Some of them are still quite young, but they are pretty all the same. A lot of locals hanami in the park. It is beside a cheap supermarket which sells bento boxes and onigiri. There are toilets in the park. 

    There is no official parking, some people park along the side of the road, but this is frowned upon. There is coin parking nearby. It is close to the station. It is open 24 hours. 


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