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  • YokoLostinJapan

    on Aug 22

    EST Shibuya! Perfect for a little sports break inbetween

    I am not a sports person. Actually, back in my home country I was not interested in sports at all and only did it sometimes when playing Nintendo Wii with friends. After moving to Japan not much changed, only the thing that I like to do some “fun sports” together with my husband or some friends. One place we often visit for this issue is the EST Shibuya. The EST Shibuya is located just a 1~2 minutes walk away from Shibuya station and so pretty easy to access. However, that is also a reason why it can be very crowded on weekends and in the evening and so some waiting time can come up. Especially when the weather is not so good – too hot, rainy, etc – this is one of the best places to stay active. So, what sports can you do at EST Shibuya? The most popular sport there probably is BOWLING. The 3rd, 4th and 5th floor are reserved for this, all together 42 lanes to have fun. At the third floor you find 12 lanes with black lights which makes the time there even more exciting. At the B1 floor a bowling café is located which offers several dishes, too. One game costs between 500 and 600 yen, according to the time you are going there. Rental shoes are available for 300 yen. You can make a reservation beforehand, but this will have other prices. Find more about the price system on their official website. At the 9th floor you find the area I love most: table tennis. In Japanese they call it Takyu (卓球) or Ping Pong. They have 15 tables there you can enjoy playing and even have some small snacks and drinks at the café. The prices here are 600 yen per half hour per table from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 7 pm; after 7 pm you have to pay 900 yen. The prices on weekends and public holidays is 900 yen. Shoe renting is free, however, you also can use your own shoes. Reservation is only available for weekdays at the front desk, by phone, fax or may until one day before you want to play. On weekends and public holidays you only can ask at the front desk. On the 6th floor you can play billard and dart. They have around 30 billiard tables and 16 dart games. Here you pay a fee per person for the first 30 minutes and then for every 15 more minutes. On weekdays from 10 am to 6 pm it is 300 yen per 30 minutes, after 6 pm and on weekend and public holidays it is 340 yen. You can make a reservation for one table / dart game for 1,500 yen for one hour until one day before. Not so active, but still burning calories when you give all your power and dance is karaoke. The EST Shibuya has several small rooms and even a big party room for up to 40 people. The price system here starts from cheap 50 yen per person per 30 minutes on weekdays from 10 am to 7 pm, up to 400 yen after 7 pm on weekend, public holidays and the day before. However, you have to order at least one drink. There are several free time courses and drinking plans which you can check on the website. Last but not least, you find a big SEGA game center at EST Shibuya, including everything you need: ufo catchers, games like Mario Kart, dancing and drumming games and even purikura. The most facilities open at 10 am and close 5.30 am in the morning the next day. Only the SEGA area and the bowling café close at midnight. More information on their website: http://www.shibuyaest.co.jp

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