Maruhiro, Sakado branch

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  • Saitama

    on Sep 7

    Take a step back in time to the Department stores of yore!

    Stepping into Maruhiro in Sakado, is like stepping back in time to the department stores of my childhood. Everything about the place is reminiscent of an age gone by, from the layout, the decor, the fashion, the toilets, the uniforms; even the smell. Only for the grocery store on the 1st floor, they probably wouldn't do much business at all.

    The grocery store is fairly standard. It has a nice selection of fruit and vegetables. The quality is high, which is reflected in the prices. They currently have a Halloween display with a good selection of jumbo pack sweets and treats. The rest of the store leaves a lot to be desired. As a local department store I am sure it is useful to the older generation, but there is nothing much for people in their teens, twenties or thirties. There is a toy area on the 3rd floor, which is what draws us there. They have quite a few toys laid out for kids to play with. Its not a particularly big toy area, but they have a nice selection of educational toys. They don't have any books. There is a fairly decent stationary area beside the toy store. They sell baby clothes too, most of which are designer, but the selection isn't great. The staff are very friendly and helpful for the most part. It is the only department store I know that gives change in cash when you purchase goods with Maruhiro gift vouchers; usually you don't get change at all. 

    Parking is outdoor and is free. They have at least 2 car parks. The nearest station is Tobu Tojo Line's Kita-sakado station.



28-1 Yakushicho, Sakado, Saitama Prefecture 350-0229

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