Tsukikoya Specialty Coffee Roaster

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  • thegoodgaijin

    on Jul 16

    A Long Way for Great Coffee

    Tsukikyoya in Oppama: ¥500-¥1600 Let's face it, Oppama isn't the most popular destination in the world, it's not even a part of Kanagawa that's that populated. Mostly crammed with factories and naval facilities, it's a part of Yokosuka most people have probably never ventured. Its name is even a bit jarring. So it's a bit hard to believe that venturing up a hill quite a ways from Oppama station would lead one to a pretty amazing cafe and roaster. Tsukikoya is not an easy place to access by any possible stretch of the imagination, even walking from the nearest bus stop is straight brutal, and not for the faint of heart when Asian Giant Hornets seem to be all around. But the effort in making it there is well rewarded with a very large space with a lot of choices for coffee and some really good choices for food. The good thing about either Tsukikoya location is that you can have any coffee any way, including espresso. There are really very few cafes that do this and means that espresso, latte, and cappuccino drinkers will have a lot of chances to try something new. The only Coffee where there isn't a choice is the cold brew, since it takes 8 hours to brew, but at the very least is also made using a single origin. The one thing that sets this location apart from the other is that it has a good amount of food and dessert on offer as well as enough seating to accommodate that. They even take reservations. It is a very small operation however and with all of the extra options, service can slow down a great deal. I had gone for the Chili Con Carne and French Toast and enjoyed both thoroughly. If I had to guess though, I would say they focus quite a bit more on dessert. This location is let down by the small staff and by being quite a trek for anyone who's not in the immediate area. However, the coffee and food are both well worth the wait, making it a perfect place to go on a sort of slow lazy day. If you're really busy but want to enjoy their coffee, I'd recommend hitting the location in Chukagai in Yokohama instead. They even have the same friendly staff. But if you're looking to relax and a slower pace, this one is at least worth the effort.

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