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  • helloalissa

    Underground 'Depachika' For Baking Goods

    Price: 700 yen

    Iwataya is west of Nishitetsu Fukuoka (Tenjin) Station, near Kego Park and Solaria Plaza.

    One of a million shopping malls in the Tenjin Area, Iwataya is a chain department store in Kyushu, really high end, where you'll see housewives out shopping to stay fancy. The basement level depachika supermarket is also fancy with an Anderson Bakery and several omiyage stalls.

    If you go into the 'honkan' (本館 original building, as opposed to the new building or 'shinkan' 新館 across the street), go down to the basement supermarket, and head towards the restroom signs, you'll find a Tomiz section!

    I had heard about this but didn't know this one existed – it's so convenient. Tomiz is dedicated to baking needs, like when you have a good cornbread recipe but need corn flour, or need a Tomycar candle for when the car nerd in your life has a birthday. I was really tempted to buy shredded coconut for no apparent reason.

    Everything is Not Cheaper than Kaldi, but some things definitely are. Plus way more of a selection for nuts and seeds and dried fruits. Most items have several options for sizes. There are some other import foods, and I was halfway expecting to find really strange things like nutritional yeast and frozen Armenian foods, but nope. I'm still excited about this discovery for the oats and nuts options, and I'm not even an oven owner. Almost makes me want to get an oven for the winter season.


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