Saitama Prefecture Disaster Prevention Learning Center

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  • Saitama

    on Feb 14

    Experience an earthquake, typhoon, fire... simulated of course!

    I was very impressed with the set-up and experiences on offer at this free disaster training center in Konosu. I was also suitably impressed with the building itself, built to withstand an earthquake of any magnitude, it is modern and pristine.

    If you are a first time visitor you are shown an introductory video upon arrival. Then a guide walks you through the more dangerous experiences you can try. After that time you are free to look around and use the other resources available. You can try a simulated earthquake of varying magnitudes. For adults they simulate around a magnitude seven, for smaller children they will lower the magnitude. It is a very interesting experience. You can also step into a glass encased room to try a simulated typhoon. They can turn on winds of around 30 miles an hour; try not to let go of the safety bar! They don't let very small children try this experience. There is a room with 7 doors where you can experience a fire. They use “purin” (Japanese dessert pudding) scented vapour to simulate the smoke of a fire. You need to use a handkerchief or something to cover your mouth for this. They have a great information center and a small theatre on the second floor. It includes an exhibit on how to make an emergency toilet out of cardboard! Honestly, apart from being very interesting, in this country it is also very practical and I do really recommend that if you are in the area you try it out. 

    Parking is free, but quite limited. Arrive early to prevent having to drive around looking for another spot to park. 

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