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  • Saitama

    Popular free factory tour + Make your own POCKY

    Price: 0 yen

    You have to book months in advance to secure a place on this educational and fun FREE factory tour, but it is well worth the effort. Glico has a number of different product lines from baby formula to processed food to confectionery, snacks and ice-cream products. The Kitamoto plant makes Pocky, one of their most popular products, and that is what is showcased in this tour. They also offer you an insight into the history and development of the company in their museum segment of the tour.

    You can book the tour online or by phone, both of which require a command of Japanese. On the day too, the tour and activities are conducted in Japanese. However, it is all very visual so you could get by with basic Japanese. The tour is around 70 minutes long and at the end you can make your own Pocky at a small cost. The entrance hall has quite a futuristic feel to it. The staff are very friendly. The tour includes an interactive game which the kids loved. We had to cancel our first appointment, but they were very accommodating in rescheduling. The tour is open to people of any age. We had a baby on our first visit and it wasn't a problem at all. There is even a diaper changing mat in a family toilet on the first floor near the reception area. For the Pocky workshop they offer places to primary school aged children first. If they don't reach capacity with primary school aged children, they then open it to kindergarten students, then preschoolers and then adults. It is well worth the 500 yen to take part in this workshop. If you weren't already, you'll be a big Glico fan after the tour!

    Currently, the waiting list for a spot on this acclaimed tour is about 3 months. It does fluctuate greatly during the year. You can check the availability online. Parking is free, but you need to sign in at the gates.


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