Zao Heartland - 蔵王ハートランド

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  • MamaKiyota

    on Oct 4

    A very large farm with very few animals

    Zao Heartland is a farm located in Zao Miyagi. There are animals, a gift shop, a restaurant, and a cafe available for your pleasure.

    The main part of the farm is a large open area with a few animals that you can see and / or pet. The adult goats are tied to small posts while the young are left to roam free. Sheep are also roaming the area free. There are supposed to be cows and horse riding, but we couldn't find either, even though they are clearly labeled on the map.

    The cafe has ice cream, cheese, and yogurt all made with local raw milk. It's actually quite cheap so definitely worth giving it a try. The cheese flavored yogurt, sounds disgusting, but it was surprisingly good.

    The gift shop is overpriced, like most gift shops are.

    The restaurant offers locally sourced meat for barbecuing but we were unable to try it due to a daily limit on sets available. They only serve 200 people per day, and close at 3 pm. A one person set runs 1300-1800 yen.

    There's no English support available, but the pictures on the map should be enough for you to get around. There's also no clearly marked walking path, so strollers are difficult unless you have good tires!

    All in all, we had a good time at the farm, but there isn't a ton to do so it will not make for a main attraction for a trip. If you're in Zao, check it out! There's no entrance fee!

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