Rococo Crepes

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Food/Drink | Avg price: ¥300 | English Available: None (Unknown)



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  • edthethe

    on Mar 25

    really good crepes

    It's a small cafe like building in the driveway of a lady's house, but there is cute seating outside. The lady is extremely helpful and very sweet. I ordered two crepes, both savory, but noted they have fresh strawberries when in season. The price is very reasonable. The base price is 150 and 50 to 100 yen for each typing after. The salad ones include all the stuff in the 100, lettuce mayo and protein item ie egg, tuna etc. Unfortunately the woman does not speak English, but the menu is pretty easy if you can read katakana. She will even bag the crepes for you do you can take them to go. She did this fir me when my son wouldn't let me sit to eat and we had to hurry home. If you love crepes and are in the area, it's worth the small walk from the station. The position is probably for the high schoolers who pass by every day. It's very new so no on ghee map yet

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