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Tsurugashima City Hall South Community Center

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  • Saitama

    Dilapidated building, but great services including library and Mama classes

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    The Tsurugashima City Hall South Community Center has been around for many years, and you can tell from first glance at the grotty looking building. The building maybe old, but it is still very functional and extremely convenient for the locals. 

    Beside the office on the first floor there is a small, but useful library. They didn't have any English books at first, but when another foreigner in the area asked them to get some in, they did. At my last visit they still only had about 15 for toddlers, but it is better than nothing. If there is a title you are looking for it is worth asking them to see if they will get it in. The library holds a couple of storytelling time events during the month in the tatami room also on the first floor.
    The first floor is also home to a large hall with a stage and a piano. There are various classes and events held in that hall. You can ask for the schedule in the office.There is a restaurant beside the hall and it is very reasonably priced. They don't have a huge selection, but it is decent enough if you are at an event in the community center and need to get lunch. Their kakikori, shaved ice, is very popular with children in the summer.  On the second floor there are classrooms and a kitchen. Outside there is an open space with some playground equipment. 

    There are toilets on both floors and one toilet on the first floor for wheelchair users. It has a changing station for babies in it too. There is parking for about 7 cars right out front, but it is not always open. At the back of the center is where the main parking is. It is free. 


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