Nunobiki Falls

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  • Louiseyd

    on Feb 19

    Hidden nature a short hike from the Shinkansen station

    The first instinct when you arrive in a new city without a plan is to gravitate towards the built up areas. But walking away from them is rewarding in Kobe- leave the Shinkansen station and go back on yourself, towards the mountain and what looks like a car park to find a hiking trail to gorgeous waterfalls and lovely views over the city. It's all well-paved enough and steep enough to make you feel that you are hiking, but not too challenging- your normal shoes are more than capable of taking you on the 10-15 minute walk; maybe 15-20 in the hot summer or for the less fitness-oriented. There are a couple of waterfalls, one smaller one you will pass on the way, and a bigger one that falls into a pool area. 



Fukiaicho, Chuo Ward, Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture 651-0058

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