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  • helloalissa

    on Jan 13

    Mini-Parisian Vacation

    I had heard about this patisserie from a student, as the recommended or favorite place to go, although there are several locations in the Tosu area. Their tagline is, 'yakitate pan koubou,' or freshly baked bread shop. I had some free time before work and this location is right outside of Nishitetsu Ogori Station. I had seen it before and wanted to try, but was often there when it was closed or I was in a hurry. I had about 30 minutes to spare so I went for it. Inside, the smell of freshly baked bread (as well as the sight of chefs preparing bread in back of the small shop) gave me a good sign. In addition, Klee Blatt was playing Parisian style accordion music. I sort of felt like I went on a ten minute vacation to Paris. There were several cute kid-friendly breads like 'three piglets' and 'anpan man pan' in addition to pizza, sandwiches, and traditional breads. I went with the classic croissant, as it's been a while since I've had one and I thought they could do a good job. There's no seating in the shop, so after paying, I headed towards work, then ate it tachi-gui style. It would have been much nicer to eat while sitting at a table with a cappuccino, maybe on a sunny day in patio seating. As it was, I had to brush off some crumbs and take sips of coffee from my thermos while standing and eating. Still, the croissant was so nice. It had a solid butter flavor, crispy outside and soft inside, and airy texture – it was so light in the bag. I definitely look forward to trying other items from Klee Blatt and might even make it a habit to catch the early train for that reason.

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