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  • MamaKiyota

    Professional quality hardware and tools

    Newly opened Pro Shop Hodaka is a hardware store aimed at professionals. You can find all of your construction needs here.

    They sell tools that you might find in your local home center but in a much larger variety. They carry many models and many brands of a majority of the available tools. They also carry nails, screws, bolts and such in sizes that you may not be able to find in a home center. They do not sell things like toilet paper and cleaning supplies. Work clothes, gloves, boots, and accessories are also available in a large variety. Pro Shop Hodaka probably isn't a store that your average person will find a huge need for, but it's great for working professionals.

    Unfortunately, there is no English support available at this store. If you find yourself in need of specialty tools, I would suggest prior research or bringing along someone who can help you with the Japanese.


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