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  • JTsuzuki

    A Great Big Mall for Miyagi

    One of the few large malls in Miyagi completely accessible by train, Natori's Aeon Mall sits across a walkway from Morisekinoshita Station (杜せきのした駅  which is 410 yen and 17 minutes from Sendai on the Airport Access line) and houses dozens of fun attractions as well as a big enough variety of shops to interest almost anyone. For the cost conscious buyer, the Aeon section offers groceries and household goods as well as clothing for a more reasonable price, though the selection may seem somewhat limited.
    In addition to an electronics store, a music store, a movie theater, a musical instrument store, a cooking school, and a Disney-Kids English learning facility, the mall also boasts a Pure Heart Kids Play area which offers an amazing time for most kids, but for the steep price of 990 yen per person for ages 1 and up.

    The mall consists of three stories, and the majority of the stores specialize in clothing, but being one of the largest malls in Miyagi means having some selection. There is also a giant Namco, great for anyone looking for gatchapon, claw machines, or video games to while away the time. 

    Convenient maps and directional markers make it harder to get lost.
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