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Fukuro Owl Cafe in Sendai

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  • JTsuzuki

    Sendai's Most Convenient Owl Cafe

    Price: 1200 yen

    I've been informed that there is at least one other owl cafe in Sendai city, though I have yet to find it. This one, however, is fairly easy to locate. Walking along the shopping arcade away from Sendai station and toward Ichibancho, you'll find the little illuminated signboard on the left, just after Gucci and a lotto place but before Kaldi and Three Coins. The signboard is covered in pictures of what's inside-- owls of many kinds, pigs, a marmoset and more! The arrows on the signboard direct you toward the elevators beyond. The Owl cafe is on the 4th floor.

    The charge is 1200 yen per adult, 900 yen for students. Children (before middle-school) are 500 yen and children under 3 are free. There is a selection of free, refillable drinks for this price and a list of rules guests must abide by in order to not harm the animals.
    I recommend visiting mid-day on a weekday, when it will be uncrowded to give you ample time to visit your new feathered (or furry) companions.

    My in-depth summer review of my first trip to this location can be found here:


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