Midori Sushi

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  • Crazydeath

    on Nov 19

    Very delicious and creative Sushirestaurant

    I really love to walk around Ginza and check out all the nice restaurants there. In front of the Midori Sushi restaurant are always waiting many many people, which is a sign of a good and popular restaurant. I was courius and wanted to check it out.

    Unfortunaltely the restaurant is so poplular that the waiting time at the weekend can be up to 2 h. Instead of writing down your name on a waiting list you have to pick a number from a machine and they will call your number. If you can read japanese you can also make a reservation online.

    Right after you´ve got a seat, you can choose from the big menu or the daily´s special. They also have many small and cheap appetizer. Those appetizer are very good and they change depending on the season.

    If you are lucky and you can get a seat at the counter you can watch how the chef is preparing your sushi. They offer very huge and fresh Nigirisushiplates for reasonable price. But my favorite is the avocado salad which comes with many small kinds of fishpieces.

    Nowadays the restaurant also gets very popular around foreigners, but unfortunaltely most of the stuff can not speak and understand english well. That makes it kind of difficult to order, except the food on the photos.

    Nearest station: Ginza/Shimbashi



7−7−2 東京高速道路山下ビル

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