Red rock Ferry 赤岩

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  • edthethe

    on Feb 23

    Tone-river ferry, connecting saitama and gunma

    The ferry is completely free and a very convenient hop over the river, especially if you are on a bike. The ferry itself is rather small, but I think you could reasonably fit 3 or 4 bikes on it. We took a family trip, biking to the gunma side and catching a boat across. After passing in the grassy open space for a bit, we then jailed for the boat back. From the saitama side, you must raise a yellow flag until you can see the ferry on its way. Don't forget to put the flag back down before heading to the dock. The ferry only runs during daylight hours, and finishes long before the sun starts to set, so be sure you are on the side of the river you need to before last ride. The boats men don't seem t to speak any English, buy are friendly enough. The winds can be strong and cold even during warmer weather, and children are provided life jackets.



〒360-0223 Saitama-ken, Kumagaya-shi, Tawarase, 県道83号線

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