Aizu Ramen Wa

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  • TonetoEdo

    on Sep 14

    Plenty of umami at this ramen shop

    Across the street from Lala Garden at Kasukabe Station's west exit is Aizu Ramen Wa, a popular place with local students and workers in nearby offices and shops. The space is cozy with a hint of classic Japanese karasansui (dry landscape garden) with a wooden path set in gravel that extends from the outside to inside the front door of the shop. The woodwork is dark and atmospheric, yet well lit. I had miso ramen with futomen, thick noodles, and karakuchi, spicy (but not call-the-fire-department hot). The bowl arrived piping hot and just a little fiery. The umami of the broth is enhanced by green unions and moyashi bean sprouts.

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