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Apita Higashimatsuyama

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  • Saitama

    Food, clothes, household goods, stationery, toys, baby supplies and more

    Price: 500 yen

    Apita is the headline store of the Peony Walk mall. It is separated into three large shops. Two are beside each other on the first floor and the third is on the second floor. The first floor shops are a supermarket and toy, interior and stationery store. The second floor store sells clothes, shoes, underwear, baby goods and maternity wear.

    This is a great store if you need to pick up a few different items. Although, the supermarket and toy/ household store are beside each other, the clothes / baby store is completely separate and you have to use the mall's stairs or esculator or elevator to get to it. There is no connecting stairs in the downstairs stores. It is not suited for a quick shopping trip due to the size of the stores and how they are split, but also because the parking is in the mall and a bit of a walk from the stores. They have a few useful services and facilities for parents. For example in the first floor toy and home ware store they have lots of sample toys out for the kids to play with. There are also some coin operated video game machines here as well as a Yokai Watch and Pokemon lottery type game that do not require money. In the second floor toy and baby store they have two padded play areas. One is for toddlers up, one is for babies and toddlers who can't yet walk. The latter is in the nursing and diaper changing room.

    The mall opens from 10 am, but there is a special entrance to the supermarket area of Apita that opens from 9 am and closes an hour later than the rest of the mall at 9 pm.


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