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  • Kasajizo


    Price: 2000 yen

    Do you know the feeling when you get out of a train station somewhere and the first thing you see is a Starbucks or a McDonalds? Well, the same is true for Torikizoku. I swear, these things are everywhere and I’m glad they are!

    Torikizoku is an “izakaya”, basically a loud, smoking bar that serves delicious food. As the name suggests, Torikizoku serves mainly chicken (in many forms) and most grilled on a stick.

    The service is extremely energetic; the waiters will yell out when anyone comes or goes. The waiters are very fast and the cooks are not afraid to show their grill-skill.

    The prices are average; each plate costing around 2-300 yen, but they won´t disappoint. I personally recommend the “momo tare” and the “heart-tare”. The granola salad is also really delicious, but to be fair, anything covered in sweet dressing with granola is irresistible by default.

    I’m not quite sure how their English menu is, but don´t worry! Their menu is carefully illustrated with delicious looking pictures, designed so even if you don´t speak a lick of Japanese, you can point and gesture how many you´d like with little problem.

    Torikizoku makes me glad to live in Japan. Cheers!


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