Todoroki Ravine Park

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  • TheHikingAlto

    on Mar 14

    Delightful Bit of Forrest in Setagaya Ward

    In an otherwise built up area of Setagaya Ward lies the green, forested Todoroki Valley, which follows the Yazawa River for about 1km. Because it is a valley, supposedly the only one within Tokyo's 23 wards, it is set apart from the shops and streets above. In fact, there are no shops, or even vending machines along the path by the river. Just the path and nature. As with most streams and smaller rivers in Japan, this one is fully walled in by concrete. However, this walk down the path offers a chance to be in nature with plentiful trees, and a few marsh-like areas. It is very well posted and nearly all of the information boards are in both English and Japanese. There are some benches where you can stop and have a picnic lunch. Towards the end of the valley, there is a temple, Fudou-san, and a Japanese Garden, both of which are also free. This park is well worth the visit. A great way to get away and out into nature without needing to, if you live in Tokyo, go that far. Access: 10 min walk from Todoroki Station on the Oimachi Line.

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