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Shimura Strawberry Picking farm

Avg: 1000 yen
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  • Saitama

    Family friendly strawberry picking farm with play areas

    Price: 1000 yen

    Shimura Farm featured in a Walker Magazine earlier this year, otherwise I would never have known it was there even though it is relatively close to where I live. We took our first trip out when the strawberry picking season had just opened in early January. 

    The strawberry picking season in Japan ranges from December to June, with most farms, including Shimura, operating from early January to the end of April. Like most other strawberry picking farms in the kanto area, Shimura farm is a greenhouse farm, making it suitable for an outing even on a rainy day. The beds are raised and the aisles are wide making it easier for young children to pick and reducing the incidences of mold. Usually, with strawberry picking you only spend 30 minutes at the farm, but with this farm you might want to allocate some extra time if you have small children so they can get full use of the lovely play area inside. There is also a tandem swing outside and an older tractor kids can play on. A short walk away is an embankment that is famous for a bevy of swans that fly in the area in the winter. There are some nice flower fields around the farm too and next door is a fish farm. However, other than that there is nothing but rice fields in the immediate vicinity. The farm offers some other extras, like free tea and coffee that you can help yourself to and two rest areas. There are toilets for public use on the premises. 

    The farm is open from early January to at least end of April, sometimes longer if they still have strawberries for picking. It depends greatly on the weather before and after harvest. During the season they operate Tuesday to Sunday, closed on Mondays. There is no English information available and the staff didn't speak English, but you can get by without Japanese.  


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