Saiboku Cafeteria

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  • Saitama

    on Feb 21

    Cheapest indoor eatery in the park and useful for a quick bite

    Saiboku Ham and Onsen was previously reviewed on City-Cost.com. This cafeteria is one of the many eateries on the premises. Most of the eateries in the restaurant and shop zone are take out type, but this one (and the highly acclaimed Saiboku restaurant) have indoor seating. It also has a very nice outdoor seating area. This "cafeteria" is useful for a quick, reasonably priced, bite, whereas the restaurant is table service and more expensive. 

    The cafeteria doesn't have a huge selection of food. There are hamburgers, hot dogs, spare ribs, popcorn, ice-cream and drinks. On a fine and busy day they also serve from windows that face onto the courtyard. Today, they only had the indoor counter open. It is self service. You line up to order, pay and wait to receive your food; like a fast food restaurant. There aren't a huge amount of seats indoors, so I imagine it gets quite crowded on a rainy day. There is no smoking in the restaurant, but there is an outdoor smoking area nearby. They have high chairs with safety straps. They also have a hand basin with a step for children to use.

    The toilets aren't in the building itself, but next door in a separate building. In the special needs toilet of that building they provide a child's toilet seat that can be placed on top of the regular toilet seat. I found these little extras to be very convenient for my toddler. They don't have a family toilet like in so many places these days, but they do have a changing mat at the entrance to the women's toilet. A man could use it too, without having to go right into the women's toilets. Parking is shared with Saiboku resort and is free. 

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