Hitsujiyama Park

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  • Saitama

    on May 15

    Stunning Moss phlox in family friendly park

    The moss phlox of Hitsujiyama Park in Chichibu is one of the most famous scenes in Saitama. And it is spectacular. However, despite enjoying great acclaim in the last five years in particular, the park isn't really able for the crowds that visit during the two weeks of peak bloom in and around Golden Week.

    Despite the crowds and the queues for everything, the moss phlox is certainly worth going to see. But the park is a nice place to visit out of the moss phlox season too. They have an athletic playground for children and a small farm. The scenery is quite nice without the moss phlox as Mt Buko can be seen all year round for most of the park. 

    You can take a steam locomotive train from Kumagaya to Ohanabatake Station and walk to the park.  Parking isn't a problem out of Moss Phlox season, but during it be prepared to queue to get in and out of the car park. More information for the park and the Steam Locomotive are on "Saitama With Kids".

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