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  • Saitama

    Free BBQ area beside fun playground

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    It's BBQ season and one place that we love to barbie with the kids is Shiroyama park in Okegawa. The park is part of an old castle site. The castle no longer remains, but the mount it stood on has been turned into a viewing point with a panaromic view of the old gardens of the castle.

    A lot of BBQ sites in Saitama are charged and / or they require that one of the people in the BBQ party are residents of the town or city. Shiroyama Park is free and they do not require one member to be a resident of Okegawa City. However, you need to physically go into the park’s management area up to a day before to book a place. The reason this is one of our favourites to barbeque with the kids is that the playground is right beside the BBQ area. The playground is good for toddlers through to lower primary school grades. It is shaded and has some new equipment. Apart from that playground there is also a small adventure playground, a flying fox, a paddling pool, excerise equipment and sports facilities including tennis courts and soccer pitches. It is a great place to do Hanami in Spring and to cool down in the summer.  

    The sports facilities cost money, but the playgrounds and parking are free. The parking area is quite small though. It is five minutes by car from the Okegawa – Kitamoto interchange on the Ken-O Expressway. It takes one hour by car from Tokyo. By public transport you need to take a bus from Okegawa Station, which is on the Takasaki Line. 


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