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Avg: 200 yen
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  • Saitama

    Great value Karaoke with sides

    Price: 200 yen

    Shidax is one of the largest chain karaoke stores in Kanto, but each branch is independently run. You won't find a price online, because each store charges differently. I thought this branch in Tsurugashima was particularly cheap. Just today there were 2 adults and 7 children for an hour of karaoke in a kids room with 2 plates of food and a drink each and it was only 1,800 yen total, i.e 200 yen per person. 

    The package we got was especially for kids. You get one drink "service", i.e complementary, per person with the package. Other deals they have you can opt for "drink bar", which is all you can drink of self service beverages. In this situation you have to return to the reception area to replenish your drink. They have fizzy drinks, soft drinks, tea and coffee. The offer we had, the drinks were delivered to our room. The food menu is a lot more extensive than I had expected. They have a selection of fried food, pizzas, salad, kids plates and lots of finger food. The kids room in this branch is small. There are 2 others in the area, Shingashi Kawagoe and Higashimatsuyama, with large kids rooms. Today's room is supposed to take a maximum of six people, but nine of us there was no problem. We probably could have had another two kids in the room comfortably. The room had a small slide and swing set as well as a plastic rocking toy and some musical toys, one of which was an anpanman piano. There are macaranas and tambourines in the reception area that you can borrow for free. The main language is Japanese, but on the Karaoke machine you can switch to English. The selection of English songs isn't great, but its not bad either. 

    The Tsurugashima branch opens from 11 am. It is within walking distance of Tobu Tojo Line Tsurugashima Station. By car its about 5 minute drive from Kanetsu Expressway Tsurugashima exit. Parking is free, but you need to take a ticket at the gate and get it validated inside. 


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