Mujirushi Daimyo

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  • helloalissa

    on Nov 4

    A Big Muji With Extra Fun

    There's a bigger Muji store in the Daimyo neighborhood near Nishitetsu Fukuoka (Tenjin) Station, next to the H&M and Forever 21.

    I'm guessing most of you have been to a Muji store, or at least seen one. I'm a fan of their pens but everything else has been too beige or overpriced for me for a while now. If you haven't ever been to one of their huge stores, it's kinda fun. This store is six stories I think, has a section for bicycles (!?) and has a Muji Cafe. They have a nice minimalist design concept, and some of the stores sell furniture.

    This location is good because:

    A: Muji Cafe

    Get green tea cheesecake for 400 yen, a coffee or instant green tea latte (also sold in their food department) or try one of their weird curry or pasta dishes. On the same floor they have the kitchen supplies, snack section, cake mixes and instant foods.

    B: Kids section

    There's a wooden corral with a wooden egg box? Like a sandbox filled with life size wooden eggs. They have cool wooden toys that even I want to play with. LEGO and Duplo size made out of wood. For way too much, but hey, if I wanted beige LEGO and was that anti-plastic, sure. Sometimes the stores have small houses or tepees, for kids or for adults to hang out in.

    C: Make-up section

    Way too many things you can test out with mirrors, no staff bugging you, plenty of remover for when it goes wrong. 

    D: Stationary / Gift wrapping section

    THE BEST. One million stamps to decorate any notebooks or envelopes you buy, free gift bags with Muji stickers to put your gifts in, markers for handwritten notes, lots of fun. Makes most people want to buy anything appropriate and be allowed to join the fun. Yes I did, but I wanted some more pens anyway. The pens I like no longer sell refills, which is sad, but I still think they're the best.



810-0041 Fukuoka-ken, Fukuoka-shi, Chūō-ku, Daimyō 1-15-41

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