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Sanpoutei Ramen

Avg: 900 yen
Sanpoutei Ramen


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  • Babina

    Miso Ramen at Sanpoutei

    Price: 900 yen

    I love the texture of Ramen in this place because the flat and wavy noodles are soft yet firm and springy.I also love how lavishly they add some delicious black mushrooms that does wonders to the flavors. On top of that a lot of green additions like finely sliced cabbage, ring shaped finely chopped green onions and bean sprouts add healthy vitamins to this heavenly dish. I usually add a lot of chilli sauce to my Miso Ramen to add some fragrance and flavor. It is not very expensive plus the service is wonderful. It is a busy place but the wait will not be that long as it is spacious and host numbers of customers at a time. They have branches in other parts of Japan as well but they first originated in Niigata. I can see from their website that they have gone international by opening stores overseas as well. 


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