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  • MamaKiyota

    The best selection of English books in Sendai

    If you are looking for new books in English, Maruzen is the place to go. Located on the 1st floor of the AER building just past PARCO (outside the west exit), it's within minutes from the station.

    Maruzen hosts the largest selection of English books that I have found in Sendai, this includes fiction, non-fiction, textbooks, kids books, travel books, magazines, and even newspapers. They also have a few imported English educational toys by V-Tech that I haven't seen anywhere else yet. Be prepared to pay quite a bit more than their original price though.

    While I personally find Maruzen to be a bit pricey, its selection is really incomparable in Sendai. They tend to have a variety of popular books, so if you are looking for something obscure, even Maruzen probably wont carry it. The magazine selection isn't huge but they are current editions.

    There is, of course, an even larger section of books and such in Japanese.

    Overall, Maruzen makes for a nice shopping trip for reading materials!


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