Salvatore Cuomo & Bar

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Food/Drink | Avg price: ¥3500 | English Available: None (Unknown)



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  • Bella

    on Aug 20

    Fancy Pizza Dinner without Going Over-Budget

    Sophisticated and affordable, these words might not work well together, but Salvatore Cuomo and Bar made it possible. FOOD Before coming into this restaurant, I was a bit worried that it will be over our budget because it looked high-end. However, much to our surprise, the prices were pretty reasonable and we were more SHOCKED that their PIZZA was one of the most DELICIOUS I’ve ever eaten in Japan. The ingredients that they use in their MARINARA (Small: 880 yen/ Medium: 1,080 yen) tasted really fresh and healthy. Mind you, this is their cheapest pizza! Now, I wonder how delightful the expensive ones are going to be. We also ordered some ASSORTED CHEESE (1, 280 yen), but it didn’t include any bread. I highly suggest asking for it to fully savour the cheese. Last but not the least; this fancy dinner won’t be complete without wine! I’m not a big fan of red so we had GENTIMON BLANC (white wine: 1, 980 yen). Despite being one of the least costly, it was smooth and it didn’t give me a hangover xD SERVICE Some of their staffs are foreigners. If you can only speak English, no worries! We actually met one who could even speak FRENCH!SUGGESTIONSAll in all, if you want REAL pizza and you want to impress your date, without getting broke, I highly suggest Salvatore Cuomo & Bar.

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