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  • helloalissa

    on Sep 15

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    I'm guessing most of you have seen a Book-Off in Japan by now. I recommend it if you're looking for something to read in Japanese because you can find most manga at about 20% of the retail cost. Book-Off is not so good if you're looking for something to read in English. (Amazon.co.jp does well in this category.)

    Regardless, I wanted to check for some kids books or easy manga in Japanese (my level). Found some beautiful Miyazaki movie based books and a couple Gomi Taro books, but kids books are at half of the retail cost, so not any great deals.

    At this location, downstairs there's a good sized Book-Off with so many 100 yen comics and books. The CD/DVD section is a little small but the Hard-Off in town has you covered there. Not much in the way of English language books, but lots of magazines and kids books in the back. As usual, lots of tachi-yomi (standing and reading) going on.

    Part of the Book-Off chain, we have Hobby-Off upstairs, code for 'land of the nerds.'

    They don't mean like, crafting or sports hobbies. If I was considering having a room full of Gundam models, this store would get me set up. There are some gacha gacha and toys in front, tons of models – including lots of model guns, collector cards like crazy, and all the other kinds of nerdy collectibles. I spotted some cosplay costumes too. I consider myself sorta nerdy, but didn't have any reason to collect anything here. Still fun for a look around.

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