Doutor Namba

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  • City-Cost

    on Oct 4

    Surprisingly spacious Doutor coffee shop in busy Namba

    I don't usually go for a Doutor.  I have this image of them always being tight for space, and decor has never seemed to me to be conducive for relaxing in.  On this occasion I was completely knackered and desperate to find a coffee shop.  Doutor came to my aid.

    This particular branch is located at the Southern end of the Ebisubashi shopping arcade.  It's sort of across the street from Bic Camera (nearest station - Osaka-Namba).

    The first floor of the two-floor shop is standard Doutor fare; small and not much space.  Upstairs though, things improve dramatically.  Plenty of space and seating to choose from up hear, and a decor that makes you feel you can kick back and relax for a bit.  The massive world map on one of the walls is a nice touch.

    There's also a 'dignified' smoking section (ie it's spacious and comfortable).

    I managed to snag a seat with a phone charging port, but I didn't see any others around (not that I was really looking).

    This Doutor seemed to have a younger crew in for coffee, but it was not particularly noisy.

    There's a San Maro coffee shop on the other side of the narrow arcade.




1-8-2 Nanba, Chuo Ward, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 542-0076

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